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Features for the GoClub Website Groups!

  • Secured web site for your group of friends or organization to communicate with. We will never provide information to anybody else.

  • Multiple URL selections are available for your group. These include:
    • GoClub.us/-(your Group Name)
    • ClubSite.Us/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeClubSite.com/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeClubTime.com/-(your Group Name)
    • Family4.org/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeFamilyTime.com/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeGroupSite.com/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeGroupTime.com/-(your Group Name)
    • FreeChurchTime.com/-(your Group Name)
    • FindClub.Us/-(your Group Name)
    • JoinClub.Us/-(your Group Name)
    • Your URL - (We offer your own URL at a $49 fee, plus $25 / year)
  • Multiple sections available on each web site. These include:
    • Photo - Add your photos so everybody on your site can share them.
    • News - Interesting News Items for your group
    • History - Information about your past groups locations, experiences, etc.
    • Jokes - Add a jokes of the day
    • File Cabinet - Include PDF's, Movie files or any other type of file.
    • Reviews - Find a special review on a product. Put it here.
    • Recipes - Cooking ideas for your group.
    • Polls - Find out what your group thinks about a subject.
  • Attach your pictures on any thread at any time. There are no restrictions on where you can add attachments.

  • Totally free. We will ask twice a year for donations to help us with hosting costs and expenses, only voluntary.

  • Advanced Search function to find any posts that you want on this site.

  • Add as many people as you want. You can have thousands of people in your group. The administrator(s) can monitor this activity.

  • Support is always available. We provide email support on all requests of enhancments and problems.

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